Friday, August 31, 2012

“Into my Heart, Into my Heart, Into My Heart, Lord Jesus…”

On Friday, August 31, 2012, engagers in the Phenomenal Women’s Summit attended Morning Meditation, lead by Rev. Dolly Pankey.    This session of musical and spiritual engagement encouraged a collaborative worship experience and including Harry D. Clark's hymn, "Into My Heart".  A prayer was offered by Sister Allen and the scripture Psalm 139: 1-18; 23 - was offered. For Silent Meditation, Rev. Pankey read a devotion from Sarah Parsons’ meditation in the Episcopal Lay Women’s Devotional “Searched and Known”.   “Sometimes we have things we want to keep from God,” Pankey muses, “but the psalmist says there is no place we can go that is outside of God.”

She then offered space for Quiet Time, inviting persons to reflect, pray, walk around, write and just be with God “not trying to hide anything, not trying to hold back from God.”   After another prayer to close out, Rev. Pankey continued playing a range of hymns, contemporary worship songs and spirituals. 

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